From Martha's Garden Episodes: April 26 - May 2


Planting Summer Flowers in Spring   
Discover all of Martha's best techniques for planting gladiolus, dahlias, and lilies. Plus, learn how she creates peony arrangements that are as beautiful as they are long-lasting.

Root Cuttings, Planting Hollyhooks, Urn Experimenting
Get spring sprouting with an expert's techniques for propagation, using root cuttings. Plus, Martha's great tips for planting hollyhocks and urns and for arranging tulips and forced branches.

Waterproof Plant Table, Making Violet Posies, Crated Violets
Discover great ideas for your next weekend project. Turn a tag sale find into the perfect waterproof plant table and use violets to create incredible hostess gifts and beautiful posies. Plus, Martha's secrets to alluring arrangements made with allium.

Sticks and Stones
Sticks and stones give gardens good bones. Make an elegant twig vase that is sure to inspire great arrangements. Also, discover how to use stone in the garden for a variety of simple projects.

Ficus, Paperwhites
Discover a new take on forcing paperwhites. And learn an expert's secret on growing the perfect ficus. Plus, Martha answers viewers' questions on Ask Martha.

In the Veggie Garden
Produce the perfect produce, next from Martha's garden. Get easy-to-follow advice for growing some of your favorite vegetables. Plus, discover the simple joys of white asparagus and tip-top tomatoes.

Garden Containers
Discover how easy it is to age cement planters...and even make them from scratch. Plus, great ideas for what to put mini landscapes...or citrus, that thrive in tight quarters.

Spring Fruit Planning
Discover the perfect way to plant strawberries and raspberries that you can savor all season long. Plus, how to grow one of Martha's favorite fruits Ponderosa lemons in any climate.   

Favorite Blooms
Learn to sow poppies and plant primroses in the spring garden. Take a trip to one of America's most beautiful gardens, Wave Hill. Get expert tips for growing iris and clematis. Finally, learn how to make an eye-catching arrangement with tree peonies.