Chapman / Turner / Kemp
Steven Curtis-Chapman tells his story about how adoption became a fixture in his and his family’s life; meanwhile, the Turner family gets a call to adopt three more siblings in need. Also, Jackie Kemp is updated.

Season One

Finding Alina / Misty Turner Russell
The Favazzas adopt two Romanian siblings, then return for a third. A couple adopts three grown siblings from Texas. A family adopts ten children from around the world.
Adopting Anna / Jolienes Choice
With one biological daughter, the Smiths begin the process of adopting a Romanian child. Also, a birth mother struggles to find the right parents for her unborn child.
Vietnam Journey / Generations of Hope
A Vietnam vet adopts three Vietnamese children. Also, we take a look at the Generation of Hope Foundation.
Never Too Late / The Hardest Choice
Two 50 year olds adopt twin girls from China. The Childs search for the right birth mother.
Everyones Hope
A professional couple adopts the unborn chid of a college freshman.
The Long Wait / Franks Family
The Abu-Suneimas family goes to Guatemala to adopt a newborn. A Wisconsin couple works to adopt two special-needs children.
Twice As Much Joy / A Family For Li
The Jollys travel to Russia to adopt two young brothers. With two biological children, the Settles travel to China to adopt 10-year-old Li.
The Search / Smith Update
With the help of his adopted parents, a young man successfully reunites with his biological mother.
Finding Grace / Special Needs
After two failed adoption attempts, the Brinkers give birth to two children, then adopt a third. A Long Island cop and his partner adopt three teenagers.
Veronicas Gift
Veronica is a birth mother who faces difficulty choosing a family to place her child with after birth.
Angels Gift / Heller Update
When a birth mother in the Army becomes pregnant with triplets, she chooses a couple from California to place all three siblings after the birth.
The Three of Us / Making a Difference / A Perfect
Three women adopt children through the Cradle Organization. The Washburns have adopted 8 children with severe medical problems. The Russells adopt 10 children from around the world.
Second Chances
Joyce Sterkel is the director of a program that helps children who have sufferred disrupted adoptions, and helps her adopted son reunite with his biological sister.

Season Two

Neunamm / Jolly Update
The Neumann family is shown as they embark into an open adoption with Angie Taritas, who has second thoughts about giving up her baby.
Tracey and Graham head to Kazakhstan to adopt a child after years of trying. Also, two past families from “Adoption” are revisited.
John and Joyce London prepare to welcome three more children into their already large family. Now, after nearly two years of trying, they head to Russia to bring home their new children.
Cambodia / Reunion
Two families face adversity when trying to adopt children from Cambodia after the United States institutes a ban on adoption in that country. Also, Jayna reunites with the family who gave her up for adoption.
Anderson / Brush
The Andersons share how they became foster parents and ended up adopting children with serious illnesses. Also, Deb Brush thought her time to be a parent had passed but at the age of forty, she decides to pursue international adoption.
Tevalds and Other Updates
The Tevald family travels to Russia after learning their adopted children have a sibling they didn’t know existed. Also, “Adoption” catches up with some families from past shows.
Sierra Leone / Pipito
Jim and Susan Peik decide to adopt from Sierra Leone but face in uphill battle bringing the children back to America. Meanwhile, Steve Pipito finds challenges of his own in trying to adopt a child as a single male.
Chapman / Turner / Kemp
Steven Curtis-Chapman tells his story about how adoption became a fixture in his and his family’s life; meanwhile, the Turner family gets a call to adopt three more siblings in need. Also, Jackie Kemp is updated.
Packard and Grabowski
Cindy and Blair Packard were already grandparents but after a trip to Africa, they decide to adopt. Also, the Grabowskis had struggled for years trying to conceive and are overjoyed when they adopt a son.
Otis / Gladney
Sheff and Deidre Otis have adopted many times and when they get the call for a brother and sister in Russia, they jump at the chance to further expand their family. Also, a young girl struggles with her decision to give up her baby.
Joyce Sterkel is revisited and she shares her updated story since adopting three Russian teenagers.
Cox / Leal / Armstrong & Smith
Scott and Elizabeth Cox, already affected by adoption in their own lives, decides to adopt themselves. Robin and Rolando Leal have adopted 17 children from all different cultures and share their story of how they make their dynamic family work. Also, Tom Armstrong adopts a boy who never thought he would be adopted and the Smith family gives an update.
Foster Care
Shane Salter shares his story of how he became an adoption advocate and also prepares to formally adopt two boys of his own. Also, Jennifer and Glen share their experiences as teenagers who are looking to find a family to call their own.
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