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RT @DylanNealStudio: See ya there curly! 😘 https://t.co/WVXMPHhOQA Sun Dec 04 16:46:32 EST 2016
RT @DylanNealStudio: I noticed this library scene got changed quite a bit in the edit - not as funny as I remembered it - but till a fun sc… Sun Dec 04 16:46:26 EST 2016
RT @DylanNealStudio: She's unbelievably talented! https://t.co/dc59iyEXcj Sun Dec 04 16:46:14 EST 2016
RT @TenganD: Just saw preview4 #lookslikechristmas Dylan!❤️Looking 4ward2your new Chris🎄mas🎅🎁movie2night!😘Miss seeingU on @hallmarkchannel Sun Dec 04 16:29:49 EST 2016
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